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           10 Watt High Power YAG Laser Projector


Excalibur is a high power (10 watt) frequency doubled, Q switched NdYAG laser system. It is manufactured in the U.K. specially for the Laser Display market. At full power the system draws less than 10 amps from a single phase 220v supply. The laser is cooled by a compact refrigerated cooling system. Typical diode lifetime is typically 8000 hours. The operation of the laser is controlled by a hand held RS232 remote control unit.

Ethernet interface now available for full wireless/LAN control


Full Power:  > 10 W
Wavelength  659 nm
Nominal Repetition Rate  Q Switched 18KHz
Pulse Width  400ns
Peak power  7 KW Maximum
Beam Detail at Laser  <2.0mm - 3mrad Full Angle
Beam Detail (With Telescope)  2-8mm Variable <0.5 mrad Full Angle
Polarisation  Horizontal Plane
Power Supply  230V ac 50 +-10%   (60Hz Available)
Power Consumption  10 amps Maximum
Cooling  Refrigerant
Signal Input  ILDA Standard
Laser Diode Lifetime  Typically 8000 operating hours
Operating Temperature  8° C up to 30° C [Optimal 25 °C]
Projection System Cambridge Technology 6220
Projection Angle 40º Optical
Dimensions Head: 800(w) x 150(h) x 150(d) mm 13.8kg

PSU: 485(w) x 145(h) x 610 (d) mm  20kg

Chiller: 485(w) x 300(h) x 715(d) mm 42kg

Warranty  12 Months Return to Base

This is high tech-laser equipment. Be careful of mechanical Shocks, avoid exposure to high or low Temperatures (exposure to sun or temperature over 35 degrees celsius.

Avoid static electrical power whilst handling/installing any laser Hardware.


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