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Centaur DMX Laser Controller

The Console:
The console was developed by Laser Technology to compliment the excellent FB3 module from Pangolin. Its DMX channels are mapped to that of the FB3. once programmed via USB the FB3 can be fully controlled by DMX. All of the FB3 parameters can be changed and stored to presets on the console (non - volatile memory). A total of 432 presets are storable. There is no FB3 card in the console. The console outputs DMX only. This means the FB3 can be either located in the projector or close by and a single DMX connection from it to the console

The System:
This FB3 DMX unit is the smallest, easiest and most economical way to add high-quality graphics and beams to a stand-alone laser projector. This compact sized wonder can play laser graphics, beams and even complete shows. No extra computer hardware is needed. The tiny module has everything you need to control your laser projector. The module outputs high-quality projector signals: two 12-bit channels for X and Y scanner signals, and four 8-bit colour/intensity channels, typically used to control red, green, blue and intensity.  it can easily be interfaced to any ILDA compatible laser projector. This unit may be controlled by any DMX lighting desk or by using the Laser Technology dedicated console. The console and the FB3 may be purchased separately. The system is completely programmable using the software provided from a laptop or Desktop PC.To create laser images, use any system that creates ILDA.

Creating the shows:
To create laser images, use any system that creates ILDA
format laser files or the inbuilt picture editor. Program up to 432 cues; each cue can be a word, logo, graphic, animation, beam effect or even a complete show. The images and cue data are then stored on a Smartmedia memory card. A 128MB card holds up to 20 minutes of laser graphics, animations and beams. Of course, because it is solid-state, there’s nothing to wear out.

Playing the shows:
For playback, use any DMX lighting desk, the included utility program or the Laser Technology Flashback dedicated DMX desk to select and run your cues, as well as control important projector parameters: Image size, Position, Rotation angle, Playback speed, Scan rate,  Brightness, Colour

Small size:
All connectors are located at the rear of the unit. The interface can be provided as a standalone unit 1U rack mount or as a module integrated into many of the Laser Technology products.



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